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need help search for mihaela rugina din piatra neamt
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Data înscrierii: 15/Feb/2008
Mesaje: 2

MesajTrimis: Duminică, 17 Feb 2008 22:51    Titlul subiectului: need help search for mihaela rugina din piatra neamt Răspunde cu citat (quote)
sorry, i not speak romanian, just english or french. My name is Denis Carrier from canada. I will write u a story here , and i think its a good place to write it, in piatra neamt newspaper.
first , i am a 41 yrs man, separate with 2 kids stay with me,, i am very serious. at end of 2006, on a particular site, name spread4u, i met a fantastic woman, name mihaela rugina, 28 yrs, from piatra neamt, she leave with her little 4yrs son, Victor Matei, her parents live in mountains near piatra, her sister go to university of iasi.ella was a translator, speaking 7 langages, but work,,hum..on site..

so i met her, we became very close, thats crazy but true, so we chat a lot on yahoo and we see each other on cam t ,,she make me fall in love with her. she was chating and cam with my 2 sons too,, hours and hours,,she send gift here, lot of gifts to them by post, she was calling me at work almost everyday.

after few months, we start make projects,, i decide to go meet her in your nice country, at end of june beginning of july.
we go to seaside and pass 2 dreaming weeks in constanta,i was find the new love of my life. when i brb here, i annonce to EVERYBODY that i have find a pearl, the woman i will pass rest of my life.

ella have to have her visa,,,and all will be done...she come here ,,in canada live with me and my family and her son, victor.

thats crazy, but middle of september, she told me she will quit her" site" work, to go italia with her aunt, for 6 or 7 months she have a big occasion to make lot of $$$ before come was ok...

so 16 september 2007, she disapear,.. no ever have news of her..all phones number address.. no news,, nothing.....

so i start be worry,,,very worry... after 1 month i start write in many romanian site,, to help find her...i have wrote similar comments in iasi online newspaper...she have accidents?? i look everywhere on internet,,find nothing..

but.. 1 week ago...i receive a email from a nice man from UK, who had exactly the same adventure of me with this incredible woman..yes exactly.. he visit her 2 times.. make projects with her..

so..hum...what is the truth,,,we need the truth to continue our life properly..we was both heart and soul for her..

so i write here...because i want to contact her..i want her family recognize her,,to say her to contact me..

not sure is EX boss .....(will not say the name) will be happy to see her name everywhere on net about it..

so..if a good person know something about her,,, my email address is

ella..if u read it...just contact me for all the truth,, u cannot enter in life of people like that and go out in silence..u make me discover beauty of me to get out of all that..

its sure i not give more details , this time, about her secret work on site...but i will... if its help to find you..

so..hope its will help..

i not want her anybody.. but..mihaela have do very very bads things to 2 quiet gentle men, and probably more.

thx for your help.

denis carrier
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Site Admin

Data înscrierii: 01/Ian/2000
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MesajTrimis: Luni, 18 Feb 2008 2:19    Titlul subiectului: Răspunde cu citat (quote)
Sounds very sad but I'm afraid a bit typical for some romanian women. I really hope you find her, she owes you an explanation at least.

I moved this post to the coresponding topic in the forum. Hope someone that knows her can be of some help here.

I realy wish you much luck

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