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Cambridge 22 Mai 2024


Cambridge is a city on the River Cam in eastern England, home to the prestigious University of Cambridge, approximately 90km north of London. Home to more Nobel Prize winners than any other city, Cambridge is brimming with learning, culture and discoveries.

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. Some of the famous buildings of the university include King's College Chapel, Cavendish Laboratory, and the Cambridge University Library.
Cambridge is at the heart of the high-technology Silicon Fen with industries such as software and bioscience and many start-up companies born out of the university.

The town's river link to the surrounding agricultural land, and good road connections to London in the south meant Cambridge has historically served as an important regional trading post. Today Cambridge has a diverse economy with strength in sectors such as research & development, software consultancy, high value engineering, creative industries, pharmaceuticals and tourism.

Cambridge and its surrounds are sometimes referred to as Silicon Fen, an allusion to Silicon Valley, because of the density of high-tech businesses and technology incubators that have developed on science parks around the city. Many of these parks and buildings are owned or leased by university colleges, and the companies often have been spun out of the university.
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